Why it is Important that Small Businesses Advertise

Saturday, November 17, 2012

You may regard a business as small in regards to the small number of employees it has. In the US, small number is under 100 employees while in European Union, it's fewer than 50 employees. Yet when it comes to advertising, there is no big and small. Small and big business alike have the need to advertise.

Advertisements would come in different forms. While some businesses require a huge budget on advertising, others would require little but has to spend a lot on other things such as a team to personally sell the products and services.

However, for small businesses there's one definite path to follow in advertising. This would be to occasionally advertise their products or services on a small scale such as putting small ads in classified sections in local newspapers or most recently, in websites.

Why should small business advertise? If you were to write down the reasons why small business shouldn't advertise, chances are your paper would be blank. However, if you were to list down all the reasons why small business should advertise, you'd need a couple more pieces of paper to write them all. This simply says there are a whole lot of reasons why small business should advertise.

Here are some of them. First, people have to know that the business does exist. If even big companies can be hard to remember, how much more could it be harder for small businesses? As much as possible, small business should be visible even at a scope of a tiny district. They have to somehow inform people that they're selling this kind of products or they're offering this kind of service especially unique ones.

Second, when small business advertises they do not only attract the attention of potential customers but they are also building interest among the prospects. Consequently, by making the advertisements appealing and informative, chances are prospects would develop a desire of the product. Moreover, if advertisements are done effectively, it would demand prospects to take action in order to get hold of the product and service.

Third, it is essential that small business advertises especially if competitors are advertising. Think of the thousands of people reading that newspaper with the competitors' ads. That could mean a thousand of customers flocking to their stores. No small business could bear that thought.

And finally, advertising gets small businesses ready for a planned business expansion. If a small business would want to be the next big company such as Microsoft and General Electric then it's about time that it advertises. Going bigger is a lot of work. A bigger company equates an increase in the number of employees to get paid for. Thus, it calls forth larger expenses demanding bigger sales and bigger profits. This is where advertising gets in.

Those are indeed a lot of reasons for small businesses to ponder on why they should advertise. But all those could actually be condensed into one good reason and that is - advertising makes them sell. No one could ever argue the significance of selling in the world of business. It's what keeps business going, big or small.